Saturday, March 22, 2014

Expensive Day

Oh, this was an expensive day, today!

I ordered
  • a Holga lens for my Canons
  • a Lensbaby Spark (for my Canons)
  • Rogue flash bender and filters
What is this stuff all good for, you may ask. Well, the Holga lens, very obviously, will enable me to shoot in a "Lomography-like" style, using the Rebel XT or the EOS M. I very much look forward to doing street photography with the EOS M and some artsy stuff with the EOS 350D (Rebel XT).

The Lensbaby Spark is a fully tactile (manually pushing and pulling) controlled tilt lens, allowing for the focusing place to be all over the place (read sensor). This will be really cool and creative! I figure, but this is to be seen, that this is more for the Rebel XT, rather than the EOS M.

Finally, I always wanted to own a snoot and gels for my speedlights. The store offering the artsy stuff above also offered the Rogue stuff... en passant were added to the list.

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