Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chasing Gear

This might be somewhat out of the extraordinary for my style of posts...

Lately, I was spending some time and money on ebay. Here are two hot tips for you to get the gear you desire... and get it for cheap!
  • Look in the wrong place!
  • Search with spelling mistakes.
  • Looking for a modern Large Format camera, go to "Photographica"
  • Looking for an old wooden camera, go to "Film Cameras"
  • Looking for a Rondinax daylight tank,  search for "Rodinax"
  • etc.
I guess, you got the idea... just look in the wrong place.
If you want to by a truck for cheap, find one that is listed under sports cars. You bid on it, and nobody will notice, since, in sports cars, nobody cars about trucks. However, once in a while, a seller will post his product in the wrong spot.

By doing so, and being patient, I was able to score a fully functioning Linhof 4x5 camera, including an international back, a 90mm Schneider lens in a Compur shutter, an orange filter, an extra lens board and three film holders for way under €300.-, which I consider a bargain.

Today, folks often do not know what they are selling. I wish you good luck on finding your treasure, like I did lately.

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