Saturday, February 13, 2016

High Contrast Cityscapes

When photographing in a city, often the photos looks somewhat dull. Often the culprit is a blueish haze. Such haze also lowers the contrast of a scene.

So, here are a few Lightroom settings, which can turn dull photographs into a picture having a little more punch. Please note that this settings (as a preset) are only a starting point. Depending in the photo, one will have to alter one or the other parameter.

  • Exposure +0,45
  • Contrast +37
  • Highlights +46
  • Shadows +35
  • Whites 0
  • Blacks -59
  • Clarity +36
  • Vibrance 0
  • Saturation -54
HSL (saturation):
  • Red +59
  • Orange +78
  • Yellow +18
  • Green -54
  • Aqua -74
  • Blue -74
  • Purple -46
  • Magenta 0

Color Photos

The following photo was shot with the Samsung NX mini (ISO800, f/8, 1s/125, 27mm).
original (RAW) exposure
above settings applied

B&W Photos

original RAW converted into B&W

settings applied before converted to B&W

Fingers crossed that blogger does not "correct" the differences away...

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