Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fujifilm X70 - finally making sense

Yep, I have been shooting with a Fujifilm X100S for a while, I got the wide angle adapter (and the tele adapter too). Great camera, love it! But, there always has been this gap to the Ricoh GR, in terms of wide angle and being compact.

The Easter Bunny left me with a Fujifilm X70, which got the Fuji-qualities and the angle of view provided by the Ricoh GR. Despite the manual controls and the XTRANS-sensor, the X70 did not add that much...

Until lately!

First, have a look at a veteran street-photographer Harvey Stein:

Now I was committed to equip one of my street-cameras with 21mm equivalent optics.
There is an option for the Ricoh GR, however, it is dependent on a rather flimsy adapter, so, for  the time being, I wont consider the Ricoh GW-3.

In contrast to that, Fuji offers the WCL-X70. And you guessed it... I got mine already. The WCL-X70 is a screw on adapter, very sturdy and solid.
Together with the X70, the WCL-X70 provides a 21mm (35mm equivalent) field of view, as recited by Harvey Stein.

The X70 could just be the camera to enable the style of Mr Stein!

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