Sunday, December 29, 2013


This one got me really frustrated!
As usual, I was walking about, taking pictures with the LX7, in raw of course. And at the end of the day, I converted those raw files into digital negatives, as usual, using Adobe's DNG Converter.

Of course, at some stage, one starts working on those DNGs. And here's were the unpleasant surprise took place. Have a look:

Converted to DNG by Adobe DNG Converter
Here's how the raw file looks alike:
RW2 file
Both files are just scaled down and converted to PNG.
I do not mind the brightness shift too much. But what is this pink crap about in the DNG?!

Initially I thought that the conversion went wrong on one particular image, which would be bad enough. Hence, I repeated the conversion exercise. The result remained the same!
Since I am shooting +/-3Ev AEB, there are 2 more file to be checked. I will spare you with the result, but the other 2 frames also show the pink stuff! Which in a way is consistent...

At first, I put this incident into a "one of" box, however, it happened again, with other shots.

Now, this whole experience caused me having doubts about DNG and the software provided by Adobe. It seemed such a good idea to convert all files to digital negatives... not any longer.

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