Sunday, December 15, 2013

Magic hour in "Westland"

December 14th 2013 in South Holland during the magic hour obviously, facing NNW.
The photo was taken with my Panasonic L7 in bracketing mode +/- 3EV, handheld of course.
I tried to replicate as much as what I perceived, although some may comment that the colors would  look unnatural.

For those interested, here are images of the original exposures, note that the 0EV photo is actually not aligned with the other two exposures:

0EV for the most of the content

-3EV for the details in the sky

+3EV for the details in the shadows

One trick I would like to share, I use anti-ghosting, i.e. only take the information of the 0EV photo, on parts of the water showing those nice ripples. When not using anti-ghosting, the ripples will wash out.
In principle there is nothing wrong with washed out ripples, however, flat water would make the observer miss a mirror image of the windmill and the shot would look really wrong.

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