Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Going Wireless

Urgh?! Correct blog? Wireless, should that not be on "draaggolf"?
Well, no, not this time, although the stuff I am about to write about is actually operating in the 13cm band (2.4GHz that is).

First of all, I am not a great strobist yet. I believe in constant improvement by continuous challenges. Hence, flash-photography is one of my next fields to experiment in.
Actually, I did a bit of experimenting, very little, using one on-camera flash and one off-camera flash in servo mode. This experience was interesting enough to get me buying RF-triggers.

The model I went for finally were the Wansen WS-603 transceivers. Some decent review on the interweb and a very decent price pulled me over. For about €20.- a pair of transceivers landed in my mailbox today.
Considering the price, I might actually order a second pair. Having 3 speedlites (yep, that's how Canon call those things... and I am using Canon), this would make my set complete to illuminate with key-, fill- and hair-light. Yes, I know, for portraits indoors, I would be fine with 1 radio trigger and servo triggered flashguns, but what the hack, just €20.- for the pair of transceivers!

Why do I actually underline the transceiver aspect of the devices? Well, easy, with a transceiver, the camera gets feedback from the flashgun, as it was sitting on the camera. This helps for modern features such as ETTL (Exposure Through The Lens) or remotely adjusting the power setting of the flash in manual mode.

Interested yourself? Check out ebay!

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