Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Magic Lantern EOS M Shutter Bug continued

Studying the ML forum gave me the hint of trying different cards for solving the shutter bug issue by means other than torturing the camera.
It seems, the memory card used causes all the problems.
In my case, ML was installed on one of my "legacy" cards, an EMTEC class4 4GB, i.e. not the fastest card on the planet.
Different versions of ML did not solve the problem... hence the decision to try a different card.

The victim was a SanDisk Ultra (class10) 16GB card. Right away, Magic Lantern is booting fine, the Shutter Bug disappeared!

However, the camera develops temperatures, which do not seem natural, and so does the battery!
That's no good!

Not being sure what the camera is actually going through, I decided to not run anything hacky on it for the time being.

Summing up, the shutter bug seems to be related to the memory card used for ML. However, with ML running fine, stuff get hot, indicating that the hardware is not really enjoying the ride...

Up to now, I have not observed anything similar when using CHDK.

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